Sunday, September 20, 2015

Take Me Back 24 Years!

Happy Birthday Rhett! 
I truly wish I could go back to each day one of my children were born! I remember each one of our children's birth! I would be so tired after surgery but yet I could not sleep for a few days with the excitement of each child! I would just imagine each of their life's! Wondered what they would do? Would they have their own families? Would they be happy! My instant LOVE was just hard to describe! I was just SO thankful for each baby we had! I never thought my love could grow or I could worry more in that moment. But I soon realize my love grows and the worry never stops!
This boy brought much happiness to my life! And now here we are.... 24 years later! 
I truly wish I could go back and have more time with all my children!!
Being an "empty nester", Is really a different stage in my life! Not sure how I feel about it!! Well actually I do know....It is not the best!
With that being said, we love being grand parents, but it is not the same in any way!
(day after his birthday)
We did not plan a lunch date but we found some time that Pops and I took Rhett to lunch! Just like old times but....He is 24!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Nolan Rhett Scheurn,
Your momma LOVES you!!!!

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