Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Melanie is a Champ!!!!!
Who looks this great after 7 weeks in the hospital!!!
Melanie was first in St. Joseph hospital and then was transferred to Chandler Regional! It was great to get her closer to home and where Auntie Erin could take care of the babies once they were born! Auntie Erin had the OR ready and waiting! This was a blessing! 
This was a joyful time! Melanie was just being wheeled out of the operating room in this picture!! Tommy came first and nine minutes later our Capri came!! The twins did all they could to make it as easy as possible for their momma! So many prayers were answered in this moment. we were so happy to see these these precious babies! 
Tommy weighed in at 5.10 and Capri 5.4
This was a wonderful weight for 34 week twins!
(Tommy on the right and Capri left)
LOVE this picture!!!!
I just feel like their are no words to express out thankfulness for these beautiful babies!
It was a long road for Melanie, Walker and Maebry. Many sacrifices!!
This is one proud daddy!!!
When I look at these pictures I still can't believe we have twins in our family!!!
These pictures make me smile BIG!!!!!

I think it was all setting in this moment for Walker and Melanie!!!

I would of loved to hear what Walker was thinking in this picture!
Love Tom Scheurn's face in this picture!! 
The excitement we felt here! It is so strange to have TWO!!! AND to be so perfect!!
Tommy boy!!

Capri! She looks just like Maebry did at birth but just a smaller version!

This just about sums it up! I don't think Walker had much sleep the last few months  prior to the twins coming between work, and visiting Melanie at the hospital!
PRECIOUS!!!!! Capri!
Daddy daughter moment!
Mimi loves capri!!
Tommy had a little rougher start! 
Our little precious boy! Tommy hated this masked he had wear!!
Capri on top and Tommy below! 
Capri was able to go home after a week stay, and Tommy a week later! It is so scary having a baby in the NICU and then, times it by two! 
We are just so grateful! It was not easy for Melanie and Walker. So many things could of been so much worse! These little angels had been trying to come to this world at 24 to 25 weeks! Looking back on it every prayer was answered! There were times  when I thought about the worse There is just no way to thank the Lord!
I LOVE these twins!
The FUN now begins!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Worried Mother!

Years ago as a young mother of five children and thinking about their careers when they got older... I always thought to my self how could parents, especially Mothers endure the worry of a child who was a police officer or firefighter!  And here our family is...Joe a Fire Fighter and Walker a Police Officer!! My worse nightmare come true!
Every sense my kids were little, when  I would hear of a death of a public servant my heart would just ache for the family. I would see the family on TV and I was always just so sad for the family and wondered how will they go on knowing their child chose this line of work and because of this they are dead!  I never could get it off my mind! Their son or daughter went to work and did not come home. I know there has been other work related deaths....but they are accidents, not murders! I know it is the choice of a man or women to choose this line of work but...Why do you think they choose to be a public servant. Pay....NO. Hours.NO, for the beauty of it,NO....what a police officer or firefighter sees in a day of work is something they will never forget!!! And something we never talk about!!! It stay with them. Men and Women choose this line of work because they what to serve and protect, They take an Oath with that badge!! They put their life on the line with just about  every call they go to.
People want to talk about how terrible Police officers are but, they are the first to call a Police Officer or Fire Fighter when help is needed!! Don't get me wrong there are some that might abuse their authority but, in a article I read.....It said LESS than 1% of the men and women in Blue!
So As I looked at this picture Walker had posted a few days ago I keep going back to it! Officer Stewart was called to a home to help in a Domestic Violence situation and was murdered as he walked in for no reason other than he was a cop! Just like The two officers in New York, sitting in their car eating by them selfs,. and so many others....They are murdered because they are cop, public servants and someone called them for help most of the time and all the rest of the time, again they are murdered because of the uniform!!! Just like the Fire Fighters last week in Phoenix who were called out for a welfare check and as they walked in a man open fired. Thankfully no one was killed only a life saved on the person they were making a welfare check on!
I could go on forever..and I am sure Joe and Walker will not like this post from their mother but I just can't help my self! I have never ranted on facebook before and will try not to do it again but...I do want to share why our boys and all the other men and women choose this line of work! They chose this line of work serve and protect the public.They want to help and make a difference! So this is where I have had to just surrender to God. and HIS will to protect my boys and all of there other men and women who serve and protect here in our country and all those military men and women who protect and fight for our freedoms all over the world!!!
Today I pray for Officer Stewarts family to endure their pain the best way possible and to find peace and forgiveness in their hearts in this most trying time of their lives!
Today my heart is full as I know more children are coming into Walker and Melanie's home. It is my prayer that none of my grandchildren will never have to endure the loss of their daddies!!
I could not be more proud of Joe Scheurn and Walker Scheurn!!!! I hold a prayer in my heart constantly for your safe return home to your families after EVRY shift you work!!!
Tom and will continue to pray for all the men and women who serve and protect the public!! I would encourage all to join Tom and I in this prayer!!!!
Again....May Officer Stewart Rest in Peace! We thank you for the service you gave and not only the service but your life!!! Thank you!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014!

Christmas get different each year! Our kids are starting to have tradition with their families. I miss   getting up with my children and sharing in their excitement 
So now Tom and I are to a new chapter in life!
This year we stayed at the cabin and had a quiet Christmas morning. 
Grateful for the season of Christmas and what it means to me! I think I have more time to reflect on my  Heavenly Father and Savior and all THEY do for me and my family! 
WHat I am most greatful for is Eternal Families!
This is our Christmas tree I put up at the cabin!
We have now planted it in our yard!!
Love Tom's Christmas sox!!!
Our dear friends from Walker's mission each year send us this gift each year,
We love Jan and Hal Schiedels!!!!
Rhett and Brooke's first Christmas!
They made their own "ugly" sweaters!!
We had a fun party at Joe and Erin's house a few days before Christmas,
I had Sister Taysum make Christmas nighties for all the girls!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ellie is EIGHT!!!!!!

This little girl is EIGHT...and keeps us on our toes!
Her favorite things in life is... playing with cousins, animals,  playing basketball, going to birthday parties, singing and singing and singing!!  Ellie has the most beautiful voice! We love to hear her sing!!
As we saw Ellie for the first time that morning she looked beautiful! She was in the same dress I made that Emma and Lucy were baptized in! What a fun tradition, the girls wear the same dress in the water and then I make them a special white dress of their own! Ellie was  so excited and had been waiting for this special day! Ellie's dad baptized her and Pops was honored to confirm her!!

Just some super proud grandparents with their Cute Ellie!
One of Ellie's least favorite things is taking pictures! Ellie gets that from her Granny!!!!
Three Generations! 
We LOVE you Ellie!!!
Love these girlies!!!!!
And Love our Pops!! 
 What a beautiful cold rainy morning it was....It is a day I will not forget!! Ellie we are so happy for you!
We Love you Ellie Scheurn more than you will ever know!!