Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Few Months in Pictures!!

So this did happen!! 
Melanie trained for a full marathon and comleted it!! We were pretty dang proud of her! 
Even the Maebs was so happy! 
Yes serving in the YSA Ward we go to LOTS of receptions and wedding showers!!!!!
(friday night dates)
We squeezed in a quick trip to Maui. I made the flight and the first night to dinner and then I was in bed sick the rest of the time! The trip was memorable but not in a good way! :((


The "Fooody" was happy to EAT and EAT!!!!!!
We attended a grand opening for Jones Motors where Blake has work for the last year or more! It was a fun evening to be with Blake and Tanya!!!! 
The "T"s"!!!!!
Just got to say it..... WE ARE GETTING OLD!!!!!!!!!!
We got a trip in to the cabin, with two of the Scheurn families!!
Brooke brought a used puzzle at the thrift store for 50 cents and they worked hard to finish!! 
This little cute girl. Ellie, would be happy to live in Strawberry!!!! Age 7!
And we would not  miss the new baby mini that was born in the middle of April! She is just so cute!! 
She weighed about tem pounds when she was born!!
She is teething so she wanted to chew on everyones clothes!!
Lucy danced with her!!!!
It was great to be up at the cabin with all the wild life as always!!! We had a heard of Elk and deer that just were hanging out in our back yard!!!! 
This teenager was so close tour deck!
We are grateful for the time we get at the cabin with family!!!!!