Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Brazilian Love!!!!!!!

wowwwwwww Tamy Scheurn and Tom Scheurn!!!!!!
How are you???????????
I miss you guys sooooooo BAAAD!
In Brazil everything have been ok, I'm working in a place from 8am to 5pm and after that, I go to School and I be there from  6pm to 11pm..
YESSSSS, VEEEEEEERYYY BUZY! tired? no, no, no just exausted.
I got another Job! I'm going to work at (Azul Linhas Aereas) its a airline company (Jet Blue) and guess what? The president of the company is Mormon, his name is David Neeleman.
I'm going to work there from 10am to 4:20pm. A LOOOOTTTT BETTER. I will be a trainee. In a year, I can do a Test to go work somewhere else, My goal it's to work in Miami, because they have a company
there(The only place in America). its really hard to get a job there... But I need to dream Big! One day.....hopefully
I love you sooooo much
how's Tom Scheurn the best cowboy is doing? 
How's Rhett Scheurn and Brooke are doing? are they doing good on they married?
How's Walker Scheurn and Melanie and all they kids? How cutee are the new members of the family?? OOOOOOOOPAAAAAAA veeeryy cuuuuteeee
How's Joe Joe, Erin and the kids ?
How's Popo and Been?
How's Blake, Tania and the kids?
and Boone???
It hurts a lot how I miss you guys.
I always remember about you, riding and take care of the horses with Tom Scheurn, whatching tv shows with you, talk with you.. and the thing I most miss on you, it's your voice singing
"I'm yours","some beach"...... I miss going to walker scheurn's house and destroy him on video games haha, I Miss Rhetts Scheurn Ideas to do something and games to play. 
I miss popo to go shopping with me, I Miss blake talking about ufc. And I miss joe joe with his fights.. and he always get's beat. haha I miss dinners on sundays and see everyone together
I love you guys so much
You guys always going to be on my heart
I always have some stories to tell the people from brazil.. and they always ask, but hey do you have a mom and a dad in america? 
YES, I DO HAVE! I have 2 moms, 2 dads, 3 sisters and 4 brothers! a gigantic family, but I love them so much, and I dont know how to show sometimes how I love them
All my friends love when you comment on my pictures hahaha
I dont know how I gotta say thank you.
thanks for everything family Scheurn, You Guys rock!
With the biggest love EVER,100%

eric kentish(Kensack, Kent, ...)

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