Friday, October 3, 2014

It is Fall!!!!! 2014!

It is fall and I could not be more excited! 
It is time for cool weather and...
Time for cool weather and time to take the jeep out four wheeling! 
This day was such a cool crisp BEAUTIFUL day in Strawberry Arizona! I always love to be up in the mountains but there is just something about fall and the  cool, cold weather that just makes the mountains more beautiful The apples are coming on the trees up here. The floor of the forrest is just yellow in bloom and the wildlife seem to be more frisky! 
Posey and I took the boys the back way to pine from Strawberry. It is about a 9 mile drive through the forrest! what a awesome drive it was! we had to take pictures!!! 

I had fun taking a few of Posey! Still can't believe my little girl could be so beautiful!
Had to change close and go back! Dray took this beautiful picture!
Posey, the boys and Dray and Dahr hike the "natural bridge" in Pine! Little Grey did a great job!! 
And while we were up at the cabin Pops took Noah boy to dinner and the last D`back game for the season!!
And this happened too! Erin and Rhett competed in a crossfit competition and did great !
Such a beautiful time of year! 
I am just happy that it is cooling off and the apples are getting ripe on the trees in the mountains  and it is time to bake!