Saturday, August 16, 2014

Noah Is EIGHT and GREAT!!!!!!

Our Noah Boy is EIGHT!!!!!!!!
This cute boy turned 8, June 4, 2014. 
I remember  the day Joe told me that Erin was expecting a boy! Joe was so excited and I was too! 
Noah was the cutest chubby little baby. Now look at him! I love this picture because I can just see the excitement Noah has for his baptism! 
Noah's dad baptized him and Pops was honored that he was asked to confirm Noah!! 
It truly was a special day!
The baptism actually took place on Emma's birthday!!!   
Our Noah's excitement for life is HUGE! He is a fierce competitor in sports and loves the challenge of any game! He is a great little athlete! He swims, plays basketball, football and baseball! He is fast as can be and is ready to go when it is game time!!
Noah boy as we call him, has look forward to his baptism and was well prepared for this special day! 
I know when the time comes Noah will be prepared and ready to serve the Lord on his mission! I feel sure he would love to serve in Hawaii where his dad served! I know where ever Noah is called, he will serve with a great excitement  and hard work! 
We could not be more proud of our Noah boy!!! 
Mom and Dad!!
The blessing Pops gave Noah was beautiful!!!
One of my favorite boys!!
Grammy and Pops LOVE our Noah Boy!!
So very handsome and pretty!
(the suit that Joe is wearing is one I brought when he left on his mission 14 years ago.
thank goodness for Penny's)
Look at that CUTE Noah Boy's face!!
Emma shared her testimony at her brothers baptism, on her birthday! Happy Birthday Emma P.! What a beautiful young lady.... and our Gwen said the closing prayer! Gwenie is getting so big and always darling!! AND MAX.... Was there with his darling sweet face wearing his dad's cowboy belt from when his dad was a little boy!
This kid melts all of us!! Uncle Rhett thinks he is the cutest! I agree!
Pop's loves our Max!!
Noah's GREAT grandma Cita!! Love this picture! 
Our birthday girl Emma and cousin Lucy, aka Lulubelle had a sleep over to celebrate Emma's birthday and we enjoy a nice luncheon this special sweet day at Joe and Erins!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fire Fighter Scheurn and Officer Scheurn!!!

This day made Tom and I quite proud yet....It is now real that we have two sons who are in harms way who have chosen to  serve and protect the public.
I truly have not witness such hard work and determination, as I have watched Joe and Walker pursue what they love the most.....HARD WORK and a life of service.
Neither of these lines of work make a lot of money but yet this is what they both have dreamed of for a long time.  
I am sure that Joe has wanted to be a EMT/Firefighter for way longer than I even know but for the last 7 years I have watch as he has prepared himself in many ways. He graduated from the Scottsdale Fire Academy, and that day was a day I will no forget. (not all can make it through the academy) We all were so proud but to see his children faces.... was so dear! It was a wonderful evening. If you know about how men and women are hired in this line of work you will know it is not easy.  I do not really even know exactly, but...Many never get hired after YEARS of testing. The academy and schooling is not easy. When a job opens for any fire department you can easily  have 1500 applicants or more and then it gets narrowed down to hundreds to test and and interview and you can be so close and yet a department might only be hiring 1 to 2 firefighters.
I never thought if Joe gets hire I always wondered when because I know Joe Scheurn. I have to say their were times when I worried.There were  time when he was the last few and yet did not get hired. I would see him volunteer countless hours that a lot of the time we did not even know he was gone. I watch as he went to Yarnell   during this most terrible time when the Hotshots lost their lives! And yet Joe never gave up!
Tom and I and Joe's family have prayed over the years, that Joe would be hired because we knew this is what he wanted to do..... serve and protect. And yet it scared me! Sometimes I would think well if Joe never gets hired at least I won't worry as much!
I now realize that the Lord knew and helped Joe on every interview and test over the last seven years. I feel like HE needed Joe to be so very prepared for what was to come. I know that Joe IS, so very ready in all ways now, spiritually, mentally and physically! Joe has never be so strong in so many ways as he is now!
Firefighter Joe D. Scheurn
is now with
Rural Metro Fire
and we could not be more proud of him!!
Love you Joe~Joe! 
Thanks for being wonderful easy son to not worry about until NOW!!!! 

Erin Pinning Joe's badge!  Over the years I have heard Joe's kids say this prayer...
"We pray daddy will work at the fire department". Their faith has taught us all! We were sad to miss this day, we were out of town.
(this is from erins facebook page)
July 21014
(joe is on the left, this is from a news clip)
Walker's diploma was given to him by the chief and by his grandfather who was an officer in the Marin Corp.
Walker  was also awarded the....Exemplary Officer award in his class! His academy started with 25 cadets and only 19 made it through!
Officer Thomas W. Scheurn!!
Of course Walker would want to go into law enforcement! I have often wondered why people choose to be in law enforcement. I am sure there are a few reasons. Walker and I have talked a little about this but as his mother I feel like the reason is...Walker has always been such a kind boy and yet with Walker there are no grey areas. As a little boy I would give him a treat and he always wanted to save some of his treat for Posey or his brothers. Walker was just a great little brother and big brother and a wonderful EASY son to raise! Walkers mission President would write me and tell me how Walker was such a "go to missionary" for him because he could get along with anyone! Both Joe and Walker were wonderful serving great missionaries! (i should not be blogging about now, a little to proud and emotional) But on to Walker after working for his dad upon the return from his mission he decided to work for the State in as a Corrections officer.  I truly thought I wold have a complete nervous breakdown. As Walker lived in Tucson and went through the academy, just now going to admit this...I cried for weeks! I HATED IT!!  It was so hot that summer and the men and women that were his superiors were tough! The tear gas, pepper sprays and lots more was  just more than I could take! 
And then when he started working, Walker worked with the worst of the worst! (i will leave it at that) Talk about pray!!!!!!! I just didn't understand why he choice this line of work!
(These pictures are from the Correctional Officer Training Academy in 2009.)

I am beginning to understand Joe and Walker's choice now. It truly is service and a way of life and a camaraderie of people that have chosen to give of them selfs! In life there is always those few that give others a bad name but....Police Officers and Firefighters we can't do without. I know these occupations come from the heart and not for any other reason. Long before our sons choice this line of work, Tom has always said "if he were the president, teachers, firefighters and Law Enforcement should be the first for a BIG pay raise"! I agree.
After working full time and going though the Police Academy for the last year full time,(not sure how this happened) Walker graduated  June 4, 2014! It was an emotional night for me as I pinned his second badge on him! (I was honored to pin Walker when he graduated form COTA)
I thought to my self.... I was scared when Walker worked at the State Federal Prison, but now how will I handle this. Yes things can happen at the prison but it is a more controlled area....I think????  
I have truly had to give ALL my worries about Joe and Walker to the Lord! When I think about Walker pulling someone over or going to heated domestic violence cases and or, as he has had to do....  tell grieving families a loved one has been killed, and the list goes on.....I just don't know if I will ever be able to fully surrender to the Lord's will!! This is a new season in my life!!! AND I am not sure how well I will endure this! My faith wavers at times and truly wish Joe and Walker had a normal 9 to 5 job but....I know this would not make them happy nor would they love their jobs. There is not a night that goes by that I don't not pray that my boys will come home safe and sound to their families. For years I have prayed for those who protect  us and, our rights and freedoms....As a young mother I always thought how hard that would be to have a child who was a Police officer! I guess the Lord never gives up on trying to teach me!

I am one proud Mama and will continue to pray my heart out for Joe and Walker and all the other men and women that put their lives on the line for US!
Badge*** BE SAFE!!!!
I love you Walker!!!
 I can only imagine what our boys will see, as first responders and the danger that they will be part of! ! I know that they keep so much from me which is best but, I will tell you my brain, NEVER shuts down thinking about where they are and are they safe!!  The news is a whole new level for me!!!  As a mother I could not be more proud and...WORRIED!!! 

The wives that support should have a badge too!!
Graduation day with the little sister and big sister!!!
And the proud little brother!
And the dad that could not be more proud!

This was also Noah's birthday!! And the proud nephew!

Maebry is proud of her Daddy too!!

***** side note on this post....I know we are not suppose to be prideful sorry for all the pride in this post******