Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Kim!!

Happy Birthday Kim! I can't believe you are 60 years old! You look 25, maybe!!!!!!!!! Thank you for inviting us all to your Party! Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL huge private casitas you had waiting for us! And the chiefs.....uhm...... wanted to take those people home!!!!! 
On our way from the airport in San Jose to  Manual  Antonio, Quepos! the first few hours was fun the time we got to our casitas I was more than ready to be in our BEAUTIFUL coo room!!! 
This picture was taken at the beginning of the 4 hour drive to the casitas when we weren't as hot and TIRED!!!!
We stop by a few tours places on our to the Casitas! This YUMMY pina colada was much needed!!!!!
We saw a several Crocodiles in a river we crossed on our way down!!!! It was so dang hot I thought I might jump for a moment!!! 

We sent time at the beach with this GORG birthday girl!!!!!! And our friend that made snow cones!!!!

It was fun to be with my brothers and Sisters!!!!!!

Kim's boyfriend John was a great help to make things so nice!! We love John!!!
My best friends!!!!!

Anyone that knows me the above picture you can read my mind in this picture!!! I feel sure I am saying....JUST TAKE THE DANM PICTURE!!!!!!

I love my siblings!! And my cute brother-in-love Bubba!!!
Just the girlies!!!
Our beautiful Casita for the week!!! HUGE and Private!!!!
The official  60th birthday party for Kim!!
The "sistas"!!
My Baby Nena!! Love her very much!!!
This is Larrie my cousin but she lived with us when we were younger and she is really more like a sister than a cousin!!! So happy she was there too! 
Larrie and her Husband Gary.....He is kind of one of us girls! He would be ok with me saying this!!! 
My nephew Drew and my sisters Stacy and Nena! Love them all!!

We went to dinner one night!! Quite the presentation!!!
Waiting for Kip to come in from the fishing tournament!! He ended up 13th in the word!!!

The golfers!!!! Bubba and Tom
My handsome boy!!!! Love Tom Scheurn!!

Drew~Drew and Auntie Tamy!!!
The partying nieces and friends!!
Everyone Loves Tom Scheurn!!!!!!
We spent a lot of time at our personal pool! It was so beautiful!!!!

I loved hanging here!!!! With the Toucans, Iguanas, Slothes, and monkeys!!!!  
My Sisters!!! Nena and Stacy!!
The original Mermaid Stacy!! 

Nena and I got mermaid Lessons!!!!
I had a traditional dress made for Kim before we left! this is the fist time I ever saw my sister in anything like this but she looks beautiful in anything she has on!! 
Kim thank you for such a beautiful fun week!!! Thank you for all you did for all of in getting us all there and making things so nice for all of us!!! It will be a trip I will never forget!!! 
Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful sister who I love more than there are words for to express!!!