Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Melanie is a Champ!!!!!
Who looks this great after 7 weeks in the hospital!!!
Melanie was first in St. Joseph hospital and then was transferred to Chandler Regional! It was great to get her closer to home and where Auntie Erin could take care of the babies once they were born! Auntie Erin had the OR ready and waiting! This was a blessing! 
This was a joyful time! Melanie was just being wheeled out of the operating room in this picture!! Tommy came first and nine minutes later our Capri came!! The twins did all they could to make it as easy as possible for their momma! So many prayers were answered in this moment. we were so happy to see these these precious babies! 
Tommy weighed in at 5.10 and Capri 5.4
This was a wonderful weight for 34 week twins!
(Tommy on the right and Capri left)
LOVE this picture!!!!
I just feel like their are no words to express out thankfulness for these beautiful babies!
It was a long road for Melanie, Walker and Maebry. Many sacrifices!!
This is one proud daddy!!!
When I look at these pictures I still can't believe we have twins in our family!!!
These pictures make me smile BIG!!!!!

I think it was all setting in this moment for Walker and Melanie!!!

I would of loved to hear what Walker was thinking in this picture!
Love Tom Scheurn's face in this picture!! 
The excitement we felt here! It is so strange to have TWO!!! AND to be so perfect!!
Tommy boy!!

Capri! She looks just like Maebry did at birth but just a smaller version!

This just about sums it up! I don't think Walker had much sleep the last few months  prior to the twins coming between work, and visiting Melanie at the hospital!
PRECIOUS!!!!! Capri!
Daddy daughter moment!
Mimi loves capri!!
Tommy had a little rougher start! 
Our little precious boy! Tommy hated this masked he had wear!!
Capri on top and Tommy below! 
Capri was able to go home after a week stay, and Tommy a week later! It is so scary having a baby in the NICU and then, times it by two! 
We are just so grateful! It was not easy for Melanie and Walker. So many things could of been so much worse! These little angels had been trying to come to this world at 24 to 25 weeks! Looking back on it every prayer was answered! There were times  when I thought about the worse There is just no way to thank the Lord!
I LOVE these twins!
The FUN now begins!!!!

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