Sunday, September 3, 2017


It is September 3rd, as I write this post! It has been a few years I think since I blogged but for what ever reason, I felt as tho I would write today as I have thought about so much in the last few weeks!


Change is the hardest thing for me! I HATE IT!! I am the type that when I get up in the morning I have certain things I do exactly the same each morning! I put things in the same place, I am fairly organized ect...

When I sew...I like for it to be done all at once!

When I get out the of the shower...I have a routine of facial products and certain body lotions.

I can't stand for my finger and toenails to have chipped polish! That gives me anxiety!

AND my house has to be neat and tidy!
And the list goes on!

So in this last few months there have been some changes with me!

Tom and I had tossed the idea around, for the last two or three years, of buying a smaller home. We have watched the market and looked at a few different homes. We came across a small speck home that was being build! We went and looked at it. We felt like it could work for us so, we began to pray about it.
I feel like I have never gotten a firm answer to anything I have ever prayed about. I feel like it is more like a peaceful kind of feeling is how I get answers. Anyways we felt good about this home and we went forward in buying our new home.
We did not have to sale our home to buy the new one, after several weeks we decided to go ahead and list our home to sale it! Leaving Gilbert I knew would be very hard but I just really did not realize how hard!!! My Friends and neighbors, not to mention further from my mother and little sister in Scottsdale,

We slept in our new home for the first time August 19! This is TWO days before I turned SIXTY!!!
You talk about change! IT HAS BEEN TERRIBLE TURNING SIXTY!!! I always felt like age was a number but I always thought sixty sounded old. We now I am old and I feel old! I HATE BEING SIXTY!!!
I made Tom SWEAR he would not do any surprise party! I hate parties! I prefer a family dinner and call it good!
Joe and Erin were wonderful and made a beautiful steak dinner and invited Nena and Bubba to come eat too! I LOVE CELEBRATING with my baby sister! Nena truly is the BEST gift I have ever been given on my birthday!!
The other change is our ward! I pray I will fit in and find a fun friend in the ward! We have been in the same ward for 16 years. It is hard to change!! I will miss many in my old ward!
Actually today is the first day we went to our new ward. a few friendly people came up and asked if we were new and welcomed us to the ward. Pops and I have had Gavin, Lucy, Ellie and Gage staying with us since Thursday night as their parents have been out of town, So we thought we should go to church today.

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