Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Proud Momma!!!

Melanie is such a wonderful supporting wife and mother to Walker!
In the last week Walker has received two awards!
Outstanding Patrol Officer of the year for CGPD
First Responder Award!
As Walkers Mom and Dad, we could not be more proud!!
 Walker has always loved to serve and help other so it is no surprise that this is what Walker has chosen as his profession.
I continue to PRAY for Walker and all of the other public servants that serve all of us!!
Walker I love you!
Walker hate to have any attentions on him self. But as as mom....I want to share these pictures!
Did I say I was proud?
Sargent Nolan was Walkers FTO!
Walker with CGPD Rookie award.

Second award!
I will continue to carry a prayer in my heart of safety for Walker as he continues to serve!!

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